Host does not load old VST presets after update to JUCE V2

Hi together

I updated a OSX VST plug-in from an older JUCE version that was released around a year ago to JUCE 2.0.

Cubase does not load the VSTi presets within a project that was saved with the plugin made with JUCE V1 when i open the project with the new plugin made with JUCE V2. The host finds the plugin but never calls “setChunk” and the plugin never receives the saved preset. Loading the same project with the older plugin does work as expected. The plugin code is exact the same except of the changes i had to make because of the new framework.

I think cubase make some checks and believes that the preset chunk is not compatible with the plugin anymore. Any ideas on this?

Could be that the version number’s different? I seem to remember there was a bug in the way it used to generate the VST version, which was fixed at some point.

Thanks a lot for this. Reverting the version fix resolved the issue for that specific compatibility problem:


cEffect.version = convertHexVersionToDecimal (JucePlugin_VersionCode);

with the old version:

cEffect.version = (long) (JucePlugin_VersionCode);

It looks as i’m a lucky person and this is also compatible with presets that are made with the fixed version code. Does this make sense?