AAX compiler problems in Windows MSVC 2013 Express

Guys, I'm getting this error when compiling the AAX on Windows MSVC++ 2013 Express

 error LNK2038: mismatch detected for 'RuntimeLibrary': value 'MD_DynamicRelease' doesn't match value 'MT_StaticRelease'

This shows in a lot of places. Of course, if I go to the AAX Library and compile with /MT instead, the 64 bits version compiles, but the 32 bits version will give an error in math.h

Any clues on this, please? Thank you!


Sounds like you need to mess with the project's runtime library?

Project Properties -> Configuration Properties -> C/C++ -> Code Generation -> Runtime Library -> (4 options to choose from)

If it's that, have look here for details if you aren't familiar with those switches: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/2kzt1wy3.aspx

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I'm aware of that, as I said, but the problem is that the 32 bit AAX LIB won't compile if I set to a different setting. In this case, I'm setting as /MT. The 64 bit version compiles fine and I can compile my AAX JUCE based plugin fine too, no errors.