AAX developer - Have you got any advices before applying to Avid partnership

I am audio plugins developer. At the moment I provide:

  • VST3 formats for Windows;
  • VST3 and AU formats for OSX

Now I would also like to provide the AAX format for Pro Tools users.
I see I need to register myself at Avid and apply to become an AAX developer and then download the SDK from the internal Avid developer area.

I found webpage how to apply.

So it seems it’s not so obvious they will agree to join me to their partners group.

Before I write to them I would like to ask if you have any experience in that matter?

I am not sure what exactly I should say them on some of their questions.
For example: “…brief commentary on expected mutual benefits offered by the Alliance Partner program”

I am quite new in the industry, and I am totaly independent developer. At the moment I have created only two products. So I can’t imagine what benefits such person like me can give for great Avid .

Have you got any advices in that matter?

For any help great thanks in advance.

Best Regards

If all you want is to release AAX then I don’t think Alliance Partner Program is necessary, iiuc that is an extra step that means Avid will promote you more than just being a developer who releases AAX format plugins.

Ok, it looks like you are right. I’ve just found website with toolkit download link: Alliance Partner Program | AAX Connectivity Toolkit | Avid

But after registration I got message, and there was such sentence:

Development of a commercial integration with this toolkit is prohibited without explicit approval from Avid Technology, Inc.

I am not sure what they mean by “commercial integration with this toolkit”.
Until now I’ve developed two plugins. And I have a webstore where I sell those plugins. After providind AAX format I would like to sell it also. So should I get any approval from Avid Technology, Inc. or not?

Of course I will ask them directly. But maybe you have any experience in that matter and could give some advice?

I’m afraid that so far my only experience is just as a contractor for somone who provides an AAX version of their software, so I’m not aware of what bureaucracy was required.

OK, thanks for your answer. I will ask directly to Avid.

They were very good in my case. Friendly and fast responding. It is not like dreagons protecting a stash. Surely they don’t want random bedroom producers sneaking in getting free versions.

Eventually you need to get in touch with them anyway, since they also sort out the signing of your plugin for you (or the prerequisites). Without that nothing will run in ProTools.

Great thanks Daniel, but do you have any appropriate e-mail?
I am writing in regular support for audio users of Pro Tools, but I think it’s not good idea. I am not sure with who should I speak?

I am sure the support will forward your email to the right person, but I think devservices@avid.com should be the right address to begin the conversation.

Great thanks man!!!