I'm Lost!

I am having issues trying to figure out how to make a AAX version of my plugin. I don’t understand the SDK file issue. I can’t even Text The plugin in Pro Tools because of this issue. Anyone know what the problem is or what i"m talking about? any help would be great, Thank you.

Have you contacted AVID to sign up as a developer?

Did you download the most recent AAX SDK?

Have you code signed your AAX plugins?

Note: all AAX plugins must be code signed or Pro Tools will not load them.

Thank you for responding. I just started learning how to make plugins in the last couple days, I didn’t know I had to do all that. Is there any place i can reference how to code sign the AAX Plugin? I downloaded a few files from Avid labeled SDK that had a bunch of files inside of them. I wasn’t sure which ones to use or where to lad them to.

Some information is protected by non-disclosure agreements. So, you will have to do your homework to figure some things out.

If you are signed up as a developer with AVID, you can get the correct AAX SDK from your AVID online account.

You will need to get a code-signing SSL certificate.

You must contact PACE and get the signing tools. The good news is that, if all you want to do is code-sign, the signing tools are free. Instructions are included with the tools.

It is quite a bit of work to get through all this, but all of us here have done it. You can too.

Good luck!


Thank you.

Not exactly, but chances are you don’t have to pay for it yourself…

You may be referring to the SSL code signing certificate, which will have a cost. But, my sentence was attached to the comment about the PACE tools, which, for code signing, are free.

Perhaps that was a bit ambiguous.

I referred to the PACE signing tools, and due to NDA I don’t want to elaborate.

Maybe that was changed, but when I joined the program 5 years ago the signing tools were not free. There is a special arrangement that is worth pointing out. But all will be resolved when talking to AVID.

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Ahhhh, things may have changed over time. I believe I signed up about four years ago. And, at least at that time, the code signing from PACE for AAX plugins was free.

Apologies, I was not aware that there used to be a cost.

One additional thought: If you are starting with it all right now and you are maybe even learning software development in general along with the development of your first plugin you should not care about getting an AAX build of your plugin up and running at this time point. Beneath being more complicated to build in contrast to e.g. VST3 as you already figured out, AAX plugins are also a bit harder to debug because of Pro Tools restrictions. I’d advise you to better spend your time on the way to become an experienced software developer by developing a well working VST3 (+AU if you are on macOS) version of your plugin first, along with a more debugging friendly host like e.g. Reaper. If you are at a point where you are confident with that work, go ahead and try building the AAX version and test your Plug-In in Pro Tools, this will likely save you some time and frustration :wink:


Maybe the original poster is a Pro Tools user and wants the plugin running for his own personal use? Sadly, Pro Tools isn’t really a suitable platform for that kind of thing because of Avid’s business decisions.