Hi I’m new to AAX. When I compile on VS2017 it says it cannot open:- “SDKs\AAX_SDK_2p3p1\Libs\Debug\AAXLibrary_x64_D.lib”

Do I have to compile AAX separately?
The library is correctly in the Global paths as the “AAX_SDK_2p3p1” folder.

I’ve tried the \AAX_SDK_2p3p1\Libs\AAXLibrary\WinBuild\vs2013 solution file but it produces a load of errors, so I presume this is not how people are doing it.
Any help please?

Hello !

You need to compile the AAX library project for VS2015 first, and you might want to disable the option “treat warnings as errors” in the project settings. Do it for x64 debug and release configuration and you’ll be able to compile your plug-in successfully.

Good luck with the signing part then :sweat_smile:


I’ll try that tomorrow, thanks. I can’t use 2017? (OK. 2017 manages fine :slight_smile: )
For signing I presume i’ll need it to be on the lLok?

Signing requires you to contact PACE and a physical iLok.

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I’ve contacted them, now waiting, anybody know what pricing I should be looking for, or expecting?

If all you need is code signing, then it is free.

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Please talk to your contact at the AVID 3rd party programme, since these informations are actually business internals that fall under the NDA all have signed.
PACE will react to confirmation from AVID, so talking to them makes most sense.

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So if I got this correct:-

  1. I need a Protools copy other than the ‘First’ to access any third party plug-ins.
  2. I’ll need an iLok to use with it.
  3. I need Avid’s thumbs-up for my plug-in? How do I do that?
    There’s seems to be quite a lot of conflicting posts over the years, so I’m not sure where I am. I’m probably just being thick and a bit muddled with too much info.
    I had a stroke a couple of month ago and I’m finding things a little foggy, sorry.

Contact AVID and PACE (iLok)…they will get you started.

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Thanks for the extra info. I’m awaiting their reply…

It looks like Pace are ok with it but primarily wanted to know how much I think they’re going to make. And Avid appear to be very welcoming, which was nice.

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PACE will make nothing, as pure code signing with them is free if you’re creating an AAX plugin.

Thanks…That’s not implied by all their questions in their standard reply letter. And I did specify AAX.

As I mentioned in a previous message, if all you need is code-signing, then the PACE tools are free. You only need to get signed up with them. And an iLok is required.

I understand that, thanks. All I said is that Pace seem to be a little preoccupied by asking how many sales I’m expecting to make. I just thought it was slightly amusing, so I mentioned it. :slightly_smiling_face:

No worries. I had no idea how to respond to their sales questions either. Its just a hoop you have to jump through. But, hey, once you get setup with PACE, and figure out how to apply the code-signing, you will be good-to-go, and can check one more item off the to-do list.

The reply from Avid was really positive so hopefully things will move on quickly.