AAX getControlParameterIndex alt + click reset


Since implementing getControlParameterIndex, I get a change in my alt + click behaviour on my knobs (which is supposed to reset my knob value) where I receive a normalized value of 0 from Protools.

Is Protools known to react to alt + click when getControlParameterIndex is “enabled” ?

Thanks !

looks like in that case Protools send teh default value.
My issue here is that the default value has changed since first export

audioProcessorChanged do not update default in AAX

Still if I fix the implementation by adding it, I still my issue so I wonder if Protools update it…

maybe getControlParameterIndex should only work for the automation menu and not that alt + click reset which should be the plugin business :slight_smile:

Would it be possible to set back the default value in the AAX_Parameter when a parameter name has changed (in audioProcessorChanged) ?

Protools guys still need to fix it on their end but at least it would be good on Juce end.

Thanks !

bump :slight_smile:

Thanks !

We’ve also found the getControlParameterIndex mechanism to be very clunky.

To workaround this issue, we do:

// Don't let Pro Tools handle option-click
auto mods = ModifierKeys::getCurrentModifiers().withoutMouseButtons();

if (mods.getRawFlags() == ModifierKeys::altModifier) {
    return -1;

And then we just handle the option click ourselves.