Protools automation shortcut

There’s a long thread (see link) - but I can’t work out what actually needs to be done from it. How do you enable the protools automation shortcut for controls in a JUCE plugin? Can someone point at the right instructions? Is it baked into SliderAttachment now and I just need to copy it - or do I need to patch JUCE.


You have to override getControlParameterIndex in your processoreditor. I created a static method that sets a specific component property (access them with component::getProperties). In getControlParameterIndex I check the provided component and its parents for this property.
This also enables focussing this parameters automation lane in Pro Tools (but I don’t remember that shortcut).


That “focus lane” shortcut is Control + Command + click (click on the control in the plugin window), in macOS anyways.

The other shortcut, to arm a parameter for automation, is all 3 modifier keys + click, aka the 3-fingered salute.

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