AAX automation shortcut key "CMD+CTRL+click" issue in JUCE7

Hello everybody!

Since we updated our plugin to JUCE7, the automation doesn’t work if I use the “CTRL+CMD+click” command to bring up the automation lane in Pro Tools.

getControlParameterIndex() is implemented and “CTRL+ALT+CMD+click” works as expected, so I’m wondering if it’s a JUCE7 bug or if there’s something we can do on our end to fix it.

If I bring up the automation lane via the regular PT-menu it works fine, but if I bring it up via the command, the knob/sliders doesn’t move if I write any automation.
It starts working again if I touch/move the knobs and it also seems to start working if I inactivate/activate the plugin.

Tested on Mac only so far.

Has anyone else tried this command in AAX with JUCE7?


This works for me in the latest Pro Tools developer build (2021.9), and JUCE develop.

Which Pro Tools version are you using? Apparently 2022.4 and onwards allow setting custom keyboard shortcuts, so if you’re using a later version, it might be worth checking those settings.

You could also test out the AudioPluginDemo to see whether that works for you. If it does, then the problem is something specific to your plug-in, and we’ll need more details in order to track down the problem. If it doesn’t work for you, then the issue is probably to do with your particular Pro Tools version or configuration.

Edit: I’ve just tested out the AudioPluginDemo in PT 2022.7, and ⌘⌃ + click seems to work there too.

It would be helpful if you could create a screen recording of the problematic behaviour so I can be sure that I’m investigating the same issue.

Thanks! I don’t think it’s a Pro Tools version thing, our Juce6 build works perfectly fine and we’ve noticed the bug in different PT versions. So it’s most likely something the developer did to make the parameters Juce7 compatible, but since everything is working and the shortcut SEEMS to work, it’s tough to pin point how to solve it. I’ll send a screen flow as private message to show the exact problem!