AAX automation shortcut key "CMD+CTRL+Click" doesn't work problem

We are developing AAX/VST Plug-in for Mac using JUCE Framework. (3.0.5)
After opening up the Pro Tools Automation Window within the plug-in, using the Automation shortcut key combination of ‘CMD + CTRL + Click’ should change TRACK as shown in the attached screenshot however, it does not operate properly.

We also tired ‘Audio Plug-in Demo (3.0.5 and 4.2.3)’ from JUCE, but it does not function. Could you please give us advice on how to use the shortcut key combination?

Hi @paul.oh,
In order to provide this functionality Pro Tools should be capable of getting Parameter Ids from JUCE’s components.

There are virtual functions to be implemented if you wish to support such Pro Tools features.
(see here: JUCE)

See here:

I’ve tested a plug-in we have that implement those and it works as expected (also checked it against Avid’s own ChannelStrip plug-in latest Pro Tools).