[RESOLVED] ProTools automation menu and clicks on controls

We’ve got the Command+Option+Control+Click functionality working in our AAX plug-ins, but in addition to showing the ProTools automaton menu for the control, this action also causes the control to respond to the click. So our buttons get pressed, our knobs turn, etc. when they should not change at all. How can we resolve this? Do I have to derive new classes for all the types of components that we tie to automatable parameters? ( I hope not!)

It nagged us a few years ago so we’ve added this on the Sound Radix fork -

I can modify my ComboBox and Slider derived classes to bail out of mouseDown() if those modifiers are set, but that is not working for an ImageButton-derived class. The button still gets pressed, even though it is not calling the base class ImageButton::mouseDown(). How can I resolve this?

It looks like my override isn’t even being called. Perhaps because the Button class moves the mouseUp/mouseDown overrides to the protected section, instead of public? When I break on the buttonClicked() function of my listener, I see that it went through Button::mouseDown(), but never hit my derived class’ mouseDown().

So how do you modify a Button-derived class’ behavior?

I moved my overrides to public, where all classes except Button appear to have them, and now they’re getting called. I had to add an override for mouseDrag() in order to get it to behave properly. Seems to work fine now.