AAX Mac codesign wont work

I have created a JUCE AAX and everything is in order with my windows one including code signing. On OSX I am at the last step of code signing and need my --signid. I do not appear to have any signids aka “signing identities” and nothing I can find tells me how to get them. I could join apples program (this requires paying) and that might work, but the documentation says that is not required, and I have completed the Windows process. Can anyone explain to me the Mac procees of getting and using this signid for the wrap tool?

I used the Apple one and that worked, but like you say, it costs.
AFAIK, you can use alternative certificates to sign, but it will have to be based on some kind of RootCA, I can’t tell which ones out of the top of my head.
A self signed certificate will not work, since that defeats the purpose of a certificate in terms of web of trust.
What I found, that there are alternatives, but most of them did cost as well, so I ended up to go for the safe bet and feed the fruit…

In our experience, nothing will work more efficiently and flawlessly than using the Apple Code Signing from the Apple Developer account.