AAX Plugin doesn't not receive MIDI input

Hi guys,

My plugin can receive MIDI commands, for example for tap tempo or preset change, and that feature works in every DAW/format except from Pro Tools.

This is the setup:

Basically an audio track for the plugin and a MIDI track for the MIDI controller. The same setup works with other plugins that are clearly made with JUCE. Also if I record some MIDI commands and then press “play”, they are sent to the plugin and actually executed!!

I just can’t understand why recorded messages works but live messages not.

In my CMake I’ve set:

    IS_SYNTH FALSE                              
    NEEDS_MIDI_INPUT TRUE                       

because it’s not a synth, it’s not a MIDI effect but needs MIDI input to remotely change presets and so on. The same plugin in AU/VST3 format in other DAWs has no problems at all.

What am I missing? Are there some special flags that needs to be added?

Mmmm, i have a vague memory that sometimes I needed to set something to be a synth even though it wasn’t? I"m guessing, but try it?

Works for us. Only thing I see different is we also have this:
Don’t know if that would have any bearing, though. Probably the default, anyway.
You have Record-enabled, I see, so that should work.

Thank you @jimc and @HowardAntares, I’ll try both approaches and update the thread!

I’ve tried both approaches (NEEDS_MIDI_OUTPUT FALSE , and IS_SYNTH TRUE), but in both scenarios nothing changed, I still can’t receive MIDI in real time.

Just to recap:

  • The same Pro Tools setup (2 tracks with a send etc) works with third party plugins
  • A recorded MIDI track is correctly sent to my plugin and the MIDI messages are received and executed
  • My plugin has no problems handling MIDI in standalone and/or other DAWs/formats

Given the assumptions above, I can say that my Pro Tools setup and my plugin code are ok, so maybe there is something more that I need to activate in order to receive MIDI in PT also in real time.