Not all MIDI controller messages get from ProTools to my AAX plugin

Hi All,
I am having issues reading midi messages for arbitrary controller codes from the midiBuffer in my AAX plugin processing function.
I am creating a number of midi controller automation lanes in Protools (manually drawing them) but only pan, volume, pitch seem to make their way into the midiBuffer ? breath ctrl (2) and many others don’t seem to make their way to the plugin’s midiBuffer.
I am using the latest juce 7.0.2 , AAX SDK 2-4-0 and PT 2021-7 or 2021-12.
I don’t seem to have any msg filtering anywhere that i can tell. The synth part is responding fine to notes/velocity and I am just trying to repurpose some other controller lanes for additional effects on top.
Is there something i might be missing ?
Thanks !

Have you checked the Pro Tools MIDI filter settings? There are some like polyphonic aftertouch which are filtered out by default.

Setup->MIDI->Input Filters


Thanks Rail ! yeah i think the filtering looks OK (set to record all) but here i am not even recording. i am manually drawing into the lanes…

will keep on investigating.