AAX programmer wanted


I am an engineer/ producer out of Nashville TN. I am looking for someone to write a few custom plug-ins for me for use in my studio and possibly for commercial distribution. To be honest I don't know where to start when it comes to plug-in development. I am hoping to find some information regarding who to turn to, how much this could potentially cost me, and the standard procedure for both custom and commercial plug-ins. I have read a few posts on this forum, have seen similar posts, and have taken note of some of the common questions posed in responses; the most prevalent being the seriousness of the potential employer in question (is this coming from a 12 year old kid or a legitimate professional etc.). I will go ahead and clear that up here by saying I am very serious. I am a hit songwriter, session musician, recording artist, and Grammy nominated producer/ engineer. I have only ever used mass produced plug-ins that I have purchased and now find myself in need of a few things that don't seem to be on the market. I have also talked to several other major engineers about the commercial potential of my ideas and they all seem to agree that there is a substantial market for them. If there is anyone local I would love to grab lunch and discuss; if not, phone or email would be great. For the sake of disclosure I won't go into specifics without having a private conversation. Thank you in advance for any help. Contact me via this forum or at nicksturms@yahoo.com. Thanks again