AAX plugin development for Avid Pro Tools 10+ (Intel Mac)

I am working in film audio post production and have an idea of a Pro Tools plugin. Looking for a developer or a team to develop my plugin. It’s simple in functionality and based on applying some EQs and phase shifting of audio signal with ability to send it to two separate busses (optional). Details will be in private talk. Let me know the costs range, etc.

Any suggestions?
May be someone can develop at least RTAS version ?

This might help:

[size=150]README - For non-programmers with great ideas[/size]

[quote]This might help:
README - For non-programmers with great ideas[/quote]
No. This link did not help. I’m serious about plugin. I am willing to invest to develop.

How about $60 an hour, payable in advance in increments of 20 hours (so $1,200 up front payment and repeating after each 20 hour increment)?. Your developer would submit an invoice at the end of each period detailing the time spent and what was done. Contract could be terminated by either party, any work done belongs to you.

Note: I’m not offering to develop your plugin, just giving an example.

So when you read this part below, alarm bells didn’t go off?


I am willing to invest, seriously.