VST/AU/AAX Plugin developer needed for royalty share or work for hire

Hi everyone,

This is a job posting for Final Mix plugin development, makers of Mix Buss Lite. I developed Mix Buss Lite, but I have a full time gig now that conflicts with that one, so I'm looking for a replacement for myself. It's fairly simple DSP, simple GUI work, to leverage the existing code base to create new useful plugins. Very part time. 

A developer familiar with DSP, Juce, AAX, VST, AU for Mac and Windows where applicable is preferred. Payment is up for discussion and can either be work for hire or a percentage of sales. 

Please message me links to existing plugins and let me know if you were the sole developer, if you're interested.

I'd take a developer who can build and ship plugins on Mac and Windows, and can be responsive to spec changes and requests over a DSP genius. This project is about making simple useful plugins that work well. 

Thanks for reading,