Looking for Contract Plugin Developer

Hi JUCE folks, I am working with a startup developing an app that is nearly finished, and we would like to hire a developer to help us create a plugin component of it.

The plugin will do no actual DSP or processing of any kind, but interface between the DAW and our existing web backend. Effectively sending bounces to an online system. We need to cover at least AU and AAX on OS X, and would love to target VST (maybe RTAS?) there as well. If possible we’d like to support back to OS X 10.6. Our existing web backend is fully functional, and we have many existing GUI assets needed for the plugin with the ability to create more as needed.

We have estimated 1-3 weeks of time to complete this work, and budgeted accordingly - we know this is not a simple $1,000 project. Please contact me at shgmymo@gmail.com to submit CVs and completed projects of yours that we can reference, or if you have further questions about the project. Thanks!