AAX standard binary location not accessible on macOS10.15


the standard location for AAX builds on MacOS is /Library/Application Support/Avid/Audio/Plug-Ins, which makes sense since this is where Pro Tools is looking for plugins. Unfortunately on macOS 10.15 this location requires admin privileges for writing, so when XCode is trying to copy the plugin there after building it fails with the error Permission denied.

Is there a way to give XCode permission to write there? Otherwise maybe the standard location for the copy step in Projucer should be re-evaluated, since XCode can’t write there anymore.

chmod 777 once and you’re good for developing.
(though indeed this makes testing installers on same machine less reliable).


Oh, awesome! Didn’t think of that! And while it’s true that this makes installer testing less reliable this totally works for now… and now people with the same problem can find the answer here :slight_smile: thanks

This calls for a naked machine for testing anyway. A bit pricy for an indy, but in the long run the only reliable test (you have all the other scenarios, that your dev machine is polluted with libraries etc.)

Or at least a second partition that you can reset from an image…


Yeah I test everything on clean machines anyways before it goes public :slight_smile:

Not really “once”, on my system it keeps reverting back to the default permissions every few weeks. It’s been doing this for months and is getting pretty irritating. I’ve not quite worked out what’s causing it to flip back sporadically.

Automatic updates? Just a guess…

OSX uses ACL (access control lists) for permissions, because OSX can be configured with different file system types.
You have access to the underlying permission features with chmod, but the original information is still in the ACL. There is a tool called “Fix permissions” in the disk utility. Chances are it is run automatically from time to time correcting your changed chmod back to the configuration in the ACL.

Try to change it from finder, chances are this makes it persistent. Haven’t tested all that.