Abelton crashes on startup with plugin on preset


I created a vst, and it works fine on Abelton, but only if I upload the plugin when Abelton is already open.
When I try to open Abelton with that plugin on preset, it crashes.
any idea what is the difference between opening a plugin when Abelton is already open, and when Abelton is on startup?


Have you tried debugging your plug-in? Your IDE will break at that point in the code the error occurs.

XCode: cmd + <, Info -> Run (Debug) -> Info -> Executable (Ableton) and then click the Run button.
Visual Studio: something like “attach process”, not sure as I am currently on mac

I’ve tried to debug, but it doesn’t crash. plus, the plugin works fine when uploaded when abelton is open.

Are you sure you’ve attached the debugger to Ableton before starting it?

No (:slightly_smiling_face:
thanks, now it works