DLL Crashing DAW

Hi all, I am trying to run a dll I have built that uses the “Create New Project>>Audio Plug-In” framework.

On testing just the base template plug-in in my DAW (ableton live) the plug in loads correctly.

On building and testing my modified plug-in in the DAW, ableton crashes, stating the following:

Which plainly means I have done something to the template that has caused this to happen, however I have not modified any of the base functions and classes, and when building / debugging in VS2017 the plug in loads and functions correctly and as expected.

Is there anything I should be aware of that may break functionality in DAW’s and in particular Ableton Live? I’m at a loss as to where to even start looking to fix this


Attach debugger to Ableton and you’ll find the answer. You can set Ableton as the executable to run when debugging or attach to it later before you load your plugin. See Debug menu, Attach to process…

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I wasn’t aware of that - sorted the issue, thanks

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Not knowing about that feature could be frustrating :slight_smile: