Ableton Live 7 crashes when a Juce VST is in the path

Hi to everyone
i’m doing my first tries with the JUCE Audio plugin framework
I’ve built the example plugin on CodeBlocks (i made the dll project from scratch).
It works perfectly on Cubase SX 3, but if it is present in the VST path, Ableton Live 7 won’t even load up. It will crash issuing the message:
a serious error has occured…
Has anyone experienced the same issue?
Thanks a lot, love to be in such a community!

Maybe i forgot something…
to let GCC avoid messing up with main functions returning void* (which i also find quite ugly) i modified the code to let it return an int…
…maybe ableton live vst host dislikes that?

Could be. It must be something in your code that’s breaking it, because normally ableton loads juce plugins with no trouble.

Hi! Thanks for your reply.
The only change i made to the wrapper regards the dll main function which i change from:

extern "C" __declspec (dllexport) void* main (audioMasterCallback audioMaster) { return (void*) pluginEntryPoint (audioMaster); }


extern "C" __declspec (dllexport) int main (audioMasterCallback audioMaster) { return (int) pluginEntryPoint (audioMaster); }

as i found no way to let the first version work with GCC.
Anyway this trick works fine in Cubase, but not in Ableton Live…
…i’ll try some other compiler (MS) to let it work!
Thanks again

Yeah, try the MS compiler. People do build plugins with gcc, but I’ve never actually tried myself, and it feels safer to use MSVC like most plugin writers.