Getting Ableton to scan VSTs made with Juce

hey guys sorry if this is a stupid question, im new to juce but I can't get Ableton to show the vst i built with Juce. Here's a dropbox link to the vst im trying to build. It's just a standard Audio Plugin I made with the Introjucer, I didn't do anything to it (yet) but i cant even get ableton to see it. Yes i've rescaned and pointed ableton to the right directory, etc...


project folder:

.dll from build folder:


im using visual studio 2013 w/ the latest version of juce and the steinberg vst3 sdk



That seems to be a 32-bit dll. Did you check whether you also use the 32-bit version of Live, and not the 64-bit version?

i have the 64 bit version of live..... but doesn't the 64 bit version work with 64 & 32 bit plugins?



edit: i tried to load use the vst in Audacity and it works there. This seems to be an Ableton specific problem, unless there's some setting in the introjucer that Will configure the vst to work with Ableton...


No, 64 bit Live only works with 64 bit plugins. Just change the configuration to x64 and you're set.

bingo. got it working now.