VST3 not in ableton?

I’ve got a problem and don’t know what it is. I’m testing Juce and getting to know it but when i Debug/Run using Ableton as a command, the plugin just doestn come up. heeeelep:(

Is the VST being copied into one of the folders that ableton scans for plugins?

You will need to ensure the vst is actually in one of those folders. If you are using the projucer there is a setting called copy step enabled, you want to make sure that’s on. That runs a script after your plugin is built that copies it from the build directory to the normal plugin locations that most DAWs look in

Which version of Ableton Live are you running? VST3 Support was added with 10.1 so if you run an older version of Live you won’t be able to load VST3 plugins there

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Okay, a newbie question, where are this settings located within the Projucer app? thnx!

yep, that one.

Solved it! I made a folder with the JUCE folder, the file project and the VST_SDK steinbergs folder, then within ableton i put the custome vst folder as the folder with evereything and it worked hehehe thnx.

I believe you shoudlnt need your own copy of steinbergs SDK if you are building VST3. Juce has everything you need bundled in with it. If you are building VST2 then you do need a SDK folder to point juce to.