Can't find my plugin in Ableton

Hi all,
I wanted to open the simplest vst3 in Ableton so I opened an “Audio Plugin” project in JUCE 5.4.7(FEB 2020) and built it. I expected it to show in Ableton with the “Hello World” like it is in VisualStudio but it didn’t.
I’ve duplicated the vst3 file and made it with .dll extention but I can’t see it in Ableton… so I tried a program called Reaper as well but no luck.
before Ableton open it shows a little box that run some lines, I saw the plugin name there but couldn’t find it inside :confused:

I would love some help. Thanks

You need Ableton Live 10.1 or newer to use VST3 plugins. Reaper does support VST3 plugins but the plugin needs to be placed in

C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3\MyPlugin.vst3

Changing the file extension to .dll is not going to help anything.

Really thank you so much for the help! that was it… couldn’t figure it out all day
U = Best