Ableton Link Version 3

Any plans to update the Ableton Link implementation to version 3?

@ToneCre8 Have you had success getting Link working as it stands?

I had to change some member names to get it to compile with the latest link headers. It wasn’t much. I’m about to test some basic functionality shortly.

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Keep us updated, I am new to this but understand the principle.

If you get it up and running let us know and I’ll make any necessary changes.

It looks like some minor changes are still needed for the latest Link to run. Attached is a patch file that seems to work for me. I only tested to the point where my test app can enable link, appear as a peer in the link session, and effectively change the tempo.
Any chances the changes make it into the engine?

Thank you!

patch.diff (2.0 KB)

Is it possible on Link V3 to play with other devices on internet (not necessarily live obviously due to routers latency and physics limits like the celerity of light!) instead of a local network?

@fabien your question is slightly out of topic (see the first question and the thread label: this is about link integration in the Tracktion Engine), your question would be better suited to an ableton forum. But I believe the answer to your question is no.