Ableton Link VST3 Plugin

I wanted to suggest a modest project that could get around a problem for many DAW users—who I’m sure would gladly purchase the plugin from you.

Ableton Link is continuing to gain more footing, as Logic, Pro Tools, Reason, etc. now support it. Unfortunately, many apps such as Cubase, Studio One, Digital Performer, etc. do not. These companies are slow moving trains, and it could be quite a while before Link becomes ubiquitous among these more mature applications.

It seems possible for a VST3 plugin to receive its host DAW info (beat, tempo, phase, and start/stop) and then transmit it to Link-enabled peripheral apps. I work in film scoring in LA, and for example, many composers used to write in Cubase/DP with Ableton following via Rewire. The deprecation of Rewire has been very problematic for those who depended on it.

It seems like a pretty manageable undertaking, and there is a strong community of people who I know would be very grateful for a utility like this. Ableton is also very willing to promote tools that support Link, so visibility would be high.

Thanks for reading—happy to chat further if you are interested.


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