Universal VST plugin that can control all plugins in your DAW?

I am working on a modular midi controller that will be linked to a plugin in Fl Studio.
This plugin will make sure all the data coming from the controller is read correctly and enables to pass this data to any software synth/mixer or effect parameter you want.

So the controller together with the software should enable you to quickly change between software plugins but gain control over this software physically in a quick way.

I am very new to JUCE (but I think it’s a good place to start with this project) so I have no clue what the right direction is for me to head in.

What I basically need is a plugin that can see what plugin you have highlighted in your daw and safe the link between parameters of my plugin and the external plugin. That when reopening the project the link can easily be made again.
And that my plugin can be linked to any plugin within your DAW, the parameter links should be able to be saved.

So If anybody has any relevant project for me to take a look at or basically anything that could help me develop this plugin (push me in the right direction). I would love to hear from you.

Thanks in advance.

The VST plugin format has no or almost none of the features for implementing the things you are planning. And even if it did, it isn’t likely JUCE would in turn support those features, as JUCE also needs to support various other plugin formats too.

If you are specifically targeting FL Studio, maybe take a look if they have an SDK for developing FL specific plugins. You would however have to figure out yourself how to incorporate JUCE into such plugins.

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