About off-triger click motion in TableListBox

I need off-triger click motion with juce_TableListBox.
If i change below, intended operation can be realized.
But I don’t want to change juce module.
How should I change?

■■change point■■

if (! isSelected) -> if (0)


void mouseDown (const MouseEvent& e) override
isDragging = false;
selectRowOnMouseUp = false;

if (isEnabled())
if (! isSelected) //<-■■change point■■
owner.selectRowsBasedOnModifierKeys (row, e.mods, false);

       auto columnId = owner.getHeader().getColumnIdAtX (e.x);

       if (columnId != 0)
           if (auto* m = owner.getModel())
               m->cellClicked (row, columnId, e);
       selectRowOnMouseUp = true;