Access files on iOS

Hi, I’m trying to fetch some files off iOS for an app.

I have the “File Sharing Enabled” in Projucer and when I run the app I can see the folder for the app appear in Finder when connecting to the iPad, but no files ever appear, even though they are there on the iPad.

Anyone any ideas? thx

I think more details would be helpful. if you can provide steps to reproduce with one of the JUCE examples, that would be best.

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Hi. I don’t think there are any juce examples that do this. Are you aware of any that allow you to save files to a device and then access them externally? thx

So, I discovered what my issue was and it’s because it’s an AUv3 plugin.

For a normal standalone app, docs are stored in:

which is accessible from files on iOS and also via Finder on Mac, for an AUv3 app it’s:

which isn’t.

Can a plugin access the documents folder of the equivalent standalone app in any way?


No. What suggested many times on the forum is AppGroupId. So you’ll end up with a ‘shared’ folder across the AUv3 and the Standalone.

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I also experienced the same. I always get a path in the sandbox if we request a special location in the juce::File.
But you can load files from public folders in the AUv3 with the iPad file browser. This shows me that it is possible to read files outside of the shared folder when you have the right path. While writing files is only possible in the shared sandbox folder.

For me, it looks like there should be a way to read files outside the sandbox also from the AUv3.