Accessibility bug with TableListBox

@ed95 When you reorder the first column of a tableListBox, accessibility (at least I’ve tested on macOS 10.14) stops working properly when navigating the rows/cols. In some cases it does not work at all anymore (the table tells the screen reader it has no content), in other cases you can only scroll through the first column with voiceover. This is reproducible with the DemoRunner widgets demo → Tables section. Simply move the first column (ID) to be the second column, and if you then turn on voiceover you can only traverse the first column (which is now Artist or some other name if you reordered).

It looks like at least part of the problem is that it is required for the first column of your table to NOT contain cell components. this is true of the juce demo runner’s example, in refreshComponentForCell it returns nullptr for columnId == 1. I’ve reproduced this in my own project as well, if I don’t have a dummy column as the first column, the issue arises.

Let me know if you’d like any other information, thanks.