BR: Accessibility doesn't work with ListBox

Demo runner with latest develop JUCE: JUCE Bug - YouTube

First it says two rows selected, when only one is. Then it reads the text for the wrong row.

I can’t reproduce this here on macOS 11.5 using a DemoRunner built against the tip of develop.

How are you navigating the ListBox? I can’t see the standard VoiceOver focus box that indicates you are using the VO key (CTRL + option by default) + arrow keys in the video.

I’m on 11.5.2, latest tip of develop. Turn quick nav off (left & right arrow at the same time) then navigate up and down with the arrow keys normally. The 2 rows selected message is easy to get, takes a while to get the off by one error.

Thanks, I was able to reproduce by disabling QuickNav and using the arrow keys. This should be fixed with the following commit:

I wasn’t able to reproduce the 2 rows selected bug though, is that still happening with the above commit applied?

Now it appears completely broken: listbox accessibility - YouTube

Nothing is being read out at all. Last juce from develop.

Code to reproduce:

Thanks for reporting, this was due to an unrelated change and should be fixed on the develop branch here:

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