Accessing Multiple Plug-In Channel Configurations in Cubase and Nuendo

Hi all,

I am having an issue using plug-ins that support multiple I/O channel configurations in Cubase and Nuendo. After a couple days of documentation, manual hunting and tutorial videos I thought it best to see if anyone has any experience with this here.

The plug-in in question operates just as expected in PT and Reaper and other platforms with multichannel support - in the createEditor processor function, a different editor class will be supplied dependent on input and output channel count. It features various channel configurations ( {2,6}, {6,10}, etc…) I have tried using both the isBusesLayoutSupported function as well as the Projucer’s Plugin Channel Configuration option, both with success across various DAWs.

However, in Cubase and Nuendo, the default input is always used. I understand that Cubase and Nuendo have a different way of determining what the input channel count is than say, PT and Reaper. Either I have completely failed to grasp how Cubase and Nuendo operate using multichannel audio or Cubase and Nuendo do not report channel counts correctly. Either way, if anyone has any experience and could shed some light on this problem I would very much appreciate it.


If you’re talking about main in/out buses, Cubase tracks have a fixed amount of channels, so I don’t think you can have, for example, { 1, 2 } or { 2, 1 } on a mono track. It may work on a stereo track, I’ve never tried. If you’re talking about secondary buses, there’s a pending issue -you can see a workaround here.