ADC 2016 missing videos

Hello all!

I have been watching the ADC 2016 videos form the JUCE YouTube channel, but I miss some of the talks shown in the programme such as:

  • Timur Doumler: C++ In the Audio Industry, Episode III: The Lock-Free Queue
  • Tim Blechmann: High Performance Audio Programming on modern out of order CPUs
  • Oron Cherry, Amir Arama: How to make JUCE plugins SoundGrid compatible
  • Giulio Moro, Andrew McPherson: Bela: hard real-time, low latency audio and sensor processing on a Linux embedded board
  • Aaron Leese: Real-time bandwidth limiting for better audio

Will they be added to the list of videos in YouTube?



Wondering that too…

The recording of the slides didn’t work properly for some of the talks, so we need to reach out to the authors to tell us at which point in time, they were on which slide. We then need to re-record the slides with that timing. We are working on it…


Its now mid-February - there are still quite a few missing videos from the JUCE YouTube channel…

yup, we’ve been waiting for the speakers to send us time codes to sync the slides with the recording but they haven’t sent them. Please feel free to write to them and ask for it :slight_smile:

I imagine that putting them up out of sync would be a pretty good way of encouraging them to contact you… :smirk:

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Heh, what about Timur’s talk…surely he’s not toooo hard to chase up eh. That’s the magic were all waiting for :slight_smile:

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Kevin Nelson’s talk is missing as well

Just got the email about the 2017 ADC. Looks like there will be a lot of interesting talks and topics.

Will all of the talks appear as Youtube Videos at some point?

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It would be very cool to have them streamed live


Unfortunately it’s not going to happen this year. Hopefully next year.

What’s not going to happen? Streaming live? or putting all of them on Youtube period?

Surely some audience member can bring their charger and Facebook LIVE or Youtube LIVE a talk…

It would also be nice to have some more of the talks from last year up for viewing…

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Is there any chance for the slides to be made available?
I really love those lectures but the slides are sometimes unreadable in the video window.

Streaming live is not going to happen. We will however capture the talks and this year we a higher confidence in the crew and their ability to deliver shortly the videos.


don’t get your hopes up for the missing videos, they won’t be posted unfortunately.

This year’s videos should have a higher definition. We may ask speakers to release their slides but no promises there.

Surely there will be power outlets available and someone can just stream the talks to their youtube account via their phone?

I’m not sure why you would encourage this, or think that we should.

uh, because we want to see the talks and for whatever reason can’t attend… It’s not that complicated.

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