Question regarding ADC22

Hi guys, does anyone know if he online registration for ADC22 provides access to recorded talks, or is it live events only? I won’t be in a position to attend the live talks, but would happily register if it meant I could catch up on each day’s events at a later time.

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IIRC last year the recordings from the live talks were available pretty soon after, but they were only available for a week or so and then disappeared until they were released on YouTube many months later. So if you’re available to watch the talks some time on the next day you should be good. But don’t expect them to stay online for much longer after the event is over. (I wish they were available for at least a couple of weeks afterwards rather than just the week of the event.)


Would be really nice for the talks to be available for a while after.

When there’s multiple talks happening at the same time that you’d like to attend it’d be great to be able to catch up on the one you missed without having to wait for it to appear on YouTube!

Seems that not every talk makes it to YouTube either?

Thank guys, I’ll hold off registering until I can get some kind of official confirmation of how long talks will be available for.

Online (and in-person) registration will provide access to recordings of the talks for the week following the event.

Some sponsors request that recordings of their talks are only available during the conference dates. Last year we had a single non-sponsored speaker request that their talk was not published. All other sessions should hit YouTube at some point.

We’re aiming to start publishing talks much sooner after the event than last time. We ran into technical problems that shouldn’t happen again.