ADC Spotlight- Stefan Stenzel


Just a brief introduction before I start…

For the past year I’ve been running an audio programming tutorial channel and developer community called The Audio Programmer.

Over the next 4 months, I’ll be working with Roli/Juce on the Audio Developer Conference as a consultant, and I’ll be posting some things here from time-to-time on important announcements as we lead up to November 19-21.

One thing that I thought would be nice is to feature some of the speakers for the conference. When I’ve watched some of the videos from past ADCs, I’ve been curious about their work outside of their ADC presentation, and wanted to hear some of their back story and perspectives on coding. This is going to be a weekly blog.

The first person I spoke to was Stefan Stenzel. Stefan is the former chief engineer for Waldorf, and will be presenting a talk for the ADC titled “Text to Speech to Music- Synthesis of Speech and the Singing Voice.” We spoke about his beginnings in audio programming, some of the challenges in developing on embedded, and more…

I hope you enjoy the discussion…


Great initiative! This sounds really cool!


Thanks, a lot more to come as well!


Thanks Joshua, what an honour to be the first announced speaker for ADC 2018!


We’re really happy to have you involved Stefan!