Thank you everyone at ADC!

I would like to thank the entire stuff for having organized successfully the ADC this year :wink:

I have talked with a lot of interesting people too during the banquet and between the talks. It was also more than welcoming to see more and more women attending, doing a keynote, or for talking about filters :wink:

See you at next one !

PS. People asked me to put online a link to the website of my current client looking for more JUCE freelance devs, it’s Sonic Academy, and it’s really a pleasure for me to work with them at the moment :wink: Don’t hesitate to contact them directly if you are interested.



Great event, thanks to everyone involved. Came home with a head brimming full of new ideas!! Feeling inspired :bulb:
Looking forward to checking out the talks that I missed!

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Same here ! Too many good ones happening at the same time this year !

Argh. Gutted I missed this year.

Hoping the talks will be up on YouTube soon!

I’ve had several good reads through The Art of VA Filter Design so really interested in seeing your talk @IvanC.

Yes, absolutely huge thanks to everyone who attended and spoke at ADC this year!

We got a massive kick out of being able to gather 230 of the world’s top audio people together. The quality of the talks and the hallway discussions was fantastic, and we’re already looking forward to next year!

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I agree this was great to meet all of you. Thank you again all the JUCE team to make this possible.

Really looking forward to look at the sessions I missed when they will be online.
In the meantime I am wondering if it is possible to get access to the slides. I am currently writing a trip report for my team and it will help me a lot.

Thanks in advance

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It was very nice indeed.

Thank you all, particularly those involved in the organisation of the conference. I had an incredible time! It was great meeting you all and I cannot wait to get to work with the new-found motivation. Definitely the highlight of a crazy, confusing 2016.

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First ADC videos are online !

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Brilliant. I just finished getting through the entire Juce summit back catologue. These couldn’t have come at a better time. I was starting to get withdrawal symptoms…