ADCx San Francisco 2023 tickets are now available

ADCx San Francisco Event Registration is Now Open!

ADCx San Francisco registrations are now open:

Only in-person attendees for the San Francisco ADCx event require a Zoom Events registration.

The event will be live-streamed on the @JUCElibrary YouTube channel.

To find out more about ADCx San Francisco, please visit ADCx SF23 - The Audio Developer Conference

Announcing ADCx San Francisco, a one-day Audio Developer Conference pop-up on May 15th, 2023

Designed as a one-day audio developer conference pop-up, ADCx is a hybrid in-person and online event. ADCx will include a full day of inspiring audio developer talks and networking events. All ADCx talks will be in-person and streamed online. Our first ADCx event will be in San Francisco on May 15, 2023, at The Commonwealth Club headquarters.

Talks at ADCx range from audio research to professional practices, to standards in audio development, as well as talks about application areas and career development. Experimental projects are welcome. ADCx talks are in a shorter 18-minute format allowing for a variety of topics and speakers during the one-day event.


Can you please start a new spinoff company for handling conferences and let the juce team focus on juce development ?

Why do you have such a strong conviction that the JUCE team is not focused on JUCE development?

You seem to be making an assumption that the JUCE team’s resources are spent “handling” conferences rather than improving the framework on the basis of a small number of posts on the forum. The bulk of the ADC organisational work is done through an extremely generous donation of time from PACE employees and paid contractors who are funded by ADC ticket sales and sponsorship. We attend ADC, and contribute workshops and talks to the programme, but this is something we would be doing irrespective of the ownership of ADC, and engaging with the community in this way is a fairly unambiguous net benefit to JUCE.


It’s based on previous messages and admits from the juce team and previous concerns raised over the forum in the past by users, like for example:

"Hi all,
the JUCE team is busy prepping, organising and attending the ADC this week and next. Therefore, forum responses will take a bit longer than usual.

We will be catching up with any unanswered forum after ADC has finished next week. Sorry for the delay!!

The JUCE team"

You probably need to chill.


Chilling already with my mohito thank you.

IMHO frustrations recur periodically due to the lack of a clear roadmap (and a well managed issue tracker). Development of the JUCE framework is rather opaque. Interaction with users left messy. For instance nobody really know if we should report bugs in that forum or onto GitHub…


The contribution guidelines make that very clear:

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I know ; but lots of users still use the GitHub way. :wink:

It’s not opaque, it’s complete darkness. Not helping much if you want to engage the community…

Even if you know, where you should report, the problem is, that from there is no standard procedure. No funneling to bring duplicates together. Often no response at all, no chance to know if it is being worked, forgotten or rejected.

Feature requests are voted, but there is neither a commitment that above a certain threshold it is guaranteed to be adressed, nor if it is considered at all.

I realise I sound much more frustrated than I actually am, but I can remember the situations that come back when reading this thread.

I think a dedicated communications person would be an amazing contribution to the team. Or an issue tracker, but I realise that won’t happen.


You probably need to chill as well, juce team will serve mohito at ADC

Same for me! And i like to watch ADC videos.

lol yeah, looking forward to finally catch up on the London one with the JUCE folks