The Audio Developer Conference 2021

The 7th annual Audio Developer Conference (ADC) is taking place this November and will be both an in-person and online hybrid event.


November 15th-16th

Additional online workshops November 19th

Where - In-person:

10 South Place
London, UK

Where - Online: and the ADC website

Our online event gives access to all talk tracks and keynotes, both live and rebroadcast later in the day, with the virtual event space providing opportunities to network with other attendees and vendors.

Get your ticket!

Early bird ticket pricing ends October 8th!

At its heart, ADC is a conference designed to celebrate all areas of audio development. From embedded systems and DSP, to game and spatial audio, attendees will have the opportunity to learn new skills and technology from our presenters, all while meeting fellow attendees to build their professional network. If you’re looking for a job in audio development, or to recruit someone for your team, ADC will help you along that path.

ADC takes the health and safety of its attendees and the audio community as a whole very seriously.

Admission to the in-person event will require that all ADC attendees carry out an LFT (rapid lateral flow) coronavirus test within the previous 24 hours, or a PCR test within the last 3 days. Please see the ADC travel page for more infomation.

Below are just a few of the topics covered in this year’s schedule:

To see all talk tracks visit

The JUCE team will be on-site at the conference. We haven’t seen many of you in-person since ADC 2019, so if you can attend, place let us know if you want to say hello.

JUCE organises the conference for the benefit wider audio community. The event is not-for-profit with all revenue put towards improving the experience for both our attendees and sponsors.

If you would like to learn about the benefits of becoming an ADC sponsor, email for all of the ADC sponsorship options.

Best wishes,

The JUCE Team


@t0m For people who can’t attend IRL or online at the moment of the conference: if we buy an “indie online” ticket, will we have access to recordings of all the sessions to watch later on?

We will, eventually, publish all* of the talks on our YouTube channel. As with previous years we’ll need a bit of time for editing, but we usually start releasing videos a few weeks after the conference ends.

If you don’t want to wait then an indie online ticket will give you access to unedited recordings of the talks immediately.

* Talks by our sponsors might not be included, depending on what each sponsor wants