Add command line option to override global projucer settings

Could there be two options added to the projucer commandline to override the global settings file with a separate one or by using no global settings at all?
This would be very useful for self contained projects, build scripts etc. especially on continuous integrations.

Projucer --settings myCIprojucer.settings --resave myProject.jucer
Projucer --ignore-global-settings --resave myProject.jucer

The second one would be synonymous of supplying an empty file.

And you don’t need to delete the global settings file at each CI run, like suggested in another thread…

From this previous thread Unable to Build PIPs on CI (Travis/Azure etc.)

Can it also be a per-project setting :slight_smile:

I don’t really understand why it needs to be used in this way at all?
I’ve spent so much time trying to get things to build on CI and fighting with the global settings.

I get that for some users having a single JUCE dir and then creating lots of projects referencing those modules may be quicker and use less disk space, but can’t the setting just be copied in to the individual .jucer project upon creation? If you move JUCE, then you’ll just have to update the project.

But yes, also having a per-project setting to completely disable the global lookup would get my vote.

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I think we have similar workflows, judging from how pluginval is setup…

I share projects via github, so having set it to use global paths allows maximum portability.
Now I have also a master repository for CI, where juce is included as git submodule and built each time, so I need to override the global path to use the included modules.

I am aware of the Projucer --set-global-search-path os identifier_to_set new_path, but that changes the settings?
IMHO the CI build should be self contained and not accessing any settings outside the build container (considering parallel builds).

Especially since implementing that feature is straight forward, just set the path for the ApplicationProperties to the one given in the command line.

It also allows to check-in the “global settings” into your build container

Bumping this…

Would be great to have a solution, or we have to move to FRUT :wink:

It would also be nice to have a command line option to disable plugin copy step or at least make the plugin copy step smarter so that it doesn’t fail the build if the plugin dir doesn’t exist.

I’m not sure how to use the command line to create folders and make them writable to everybody. So I’m just using sed to disable plugin copy step. (This is on windows)