Projucer project upgrade process

The projucer doesn’t have any capability for copying settings from one Visual Studio version project to another, upgrading an existing exporter, nor displaying them side-by-side.

This makes upgrades very prone to copy and paste errors!

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Since the .jucer file is just XML I’ve found it fairly straightforward to open the project file in a text editor and copy/paste the exporter element, editing the name as required. Although I agree it might be useful at some point to add some way of doing this via the Projucer UI.

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If they are roughly compatible I’ll do that. I was worried I’d make some subtle fuck up :slight_smile:

No, they should be compatible.

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Well that makes my life a lot easier. Did you see my rant about global paths appearing yesterday. Seems something is injecting default global paths than then break the VST3 (which defaults when no path is set…) !

Yeah I saw that. I know there were some issues in older versions of the Projucer where global paths were getting added when the settings were empty but I thought we’d sorted that out. I’ll try and take a look, but we’ll be removing the global VST3 SDK setting soon anyway so hopefully that issue will go away.


Yeah. It was a nightmare. Can we get a feature to turn off all global settings. I’ve spent about 6 hours this week dealing with global settings related bugs (mainly variations on this VST3 thing!! Another one was that when you create a new exporter it doesn’t copy the module folder paths over, but it does happily fall back to global ones which were out of date and it wouldn’t build.

The global settings are useful for doing fun work, but for actual shipping products it’d be way safer and less trouble if they could be disabled :slight_smile:

Yes, chiming in with a link I wished for a while ago, I would love to see two command line parameters, that lets the command line interface override the default file location of the global settings:

Projucer --settings myCIprojucer.settings --resave myProject.jucer
Projucer --ignore-global-settings --resave myProject.jucer

The second one would be synonymous of supplying an empty file.

EDIT: just turned that into a feature request

Just went through some trouble upgrading vs2015 exporters to vs2019 exporters manually myself and after running into several copy/paste errors, I found this topic.
It would indeed be very useful to have something in the Projucer to upgrade exporters from an older vs20xx version to a newer one without having to do this manually (or go in and edit the XML files manually, which is what I did for another project now that I found this topic).
I guess having it also as a command line option might be useful if you have many projects, but for me the first option should be good enough.