Remove Introjucer folder

With all the house cleaning going on in JUCE right now, I think the Introjucer folder (with its accompanying “Where has the Introjucer gone” text file) can be removed since Projucer has been the standard for so long and plain Introjucer has become a distant memory.

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Thanks, good idea! we’ll have a tidy-up…

While you’re at it, could you ensure that Projucer project files are as vanilla as possible?.. This might encourage others joining for the first time.

E.g. VS2015 project has a mish-mash of weird [to me] build settings (e.g. different library and build tool settings for Release and Debug, 64 bit etc. )
Catches me out every-time (not so bad if you have an old version of Projucer hanging around - more awkward to traverse the (sometimes buggy) VS2015 project manager to reset them to something that builds
Perhaps remove some of the older VS builds (i wonder who’s till using them) and just have the popular defaults (VS2013/2015 32/64 bit defaults) - Note, I’m not saying remove the Projucer’s ability to handle older dev environments… but IMHO [which may be wrong] those using VS2008 probably aren’t too bothered about using the latest projucer files

Could you be more specific? I can’t see anything weird about the default configurations for VS2015…

Ah, might be the 2013 section - Sorry, my mistake
So, under the VS2013 environment -
Defaults to x64 rather than Win32 (more common IMHO for VS2013 users - perhaps not for VS2015)
Not sure what happens here, but I’m fairly sure I have to change the PlatformToolset from 140 to default
The PlatformToolset defaults to v120 rather than default -
looking at the Projucer.jucer dffis this line seems to be repeated, and I don’t know why:


BTW, it it were up to me, I’d have multiple configurations for Linux (e.g. one for Raspberry Pis - ARM 7, target). Two each for VS 32,64 bit default machine target