Three feature requests

Not sure if I'm doing something wrong, but everytime I create a new project, Introjucer askes me where my modules folder is.  It would be nice if I could set it once.

Also, would be nice if I could specify a Juce Projects directory and set it once as well.   I don't store my projects where Introjucer automatically points to when creating a new project.

Sure, I realize that this is most likely low hanging fruit, but would be a nice feature. :)



PS.. Just thought of something else.  A way that I can tell Introjucer which version of Visual Studio should be my default. When I create a new Introjucer app, it wants to always default to Visual Studio 2010. However, my IDE is Visual Studio 2013.  Would be nice if I could set this somewhere as well.

Thanks, I'll have a look at that.

I guess more people are moving to 2013 now, so I should probably update that. Actually, the best plan is probably for it to create a whole bunch of configs, and then you can delete them as needed, rather than only creating one and expecting you to create new ones.