Introjucer Modules Issues

Is the post-quake Introjucer ready or is it a work in progress? It is not working for me using tip.

From your news posting:

That seems to indicate it should be working. When I create a new project and go to the modules tab, I’m not seeing anything (Win 7 x64 and Mac 10.6), just two blank greenish-blue boxes.
Needless to say the projects generate from introjucer don’t compile. I’m guessing that’s because no modules were set up.

Are other people seeing this? Is this a bug? Or is it just something I’m doing wrong?

Additionally, when specifying the JUCE directory in introjucer, it should be c:\juce rather than what its defaulting to (c:\juce\extras\Introjucer\JuceLibraryCode on Windows) right?

That probably just means that your juce path isn’t valid, because it needs to know where that is so that it can search it for modules.

My next to-do-items are to add a box to the modules page which lets you specify the juce folder, and also to do some more testing on Windows, so should be able to iron these things out!

Well using the latest tip I’m not longer seeing either of those issues any more and I am able to compile projects generated from Introjucer.
Thanks for the quick fixes.

It looks like changing the JUCE project directory in the NewProjectWizard isn’t having any effect and it is always using the old Project location.

It doesn’t look like you are saving the new value before you create the next wizard on line 470 in jucer_NewProjectWizard.cpp.

Shouldn’t you have the following somewhere in there?

Thanks - that code’s all about to get refactored anyway…