Using introjucer from different location

i have been using introjucer to build all of my projects and i recently had to move to a new machine where juce modules and the projects were in the same location .However,i’ve had to move all my projects to a new machine and i now have juce on a different location from the projects i’m building,the projects builds fine in the introjucer but the specific modules are not added to my project in visual studio (2010) thus i end up with errors on running the code.I’m guessing its a matter of settings/configuration but i do not know how or where,could someone please direct me to a solution however trival it may be.Thank you

Assuming you’re using the latest version of the Introjucer (with it’s fancy dark colour scheme) just click on the Modules icon in the Config treeview. At the top of the screen is a dialog for setting the path to your JUCE modules folder. Just update this and resave the .jucer file and it should update things for you.

Thanks a lot, all I needed to do was download the latest introjucer and everything is running fine now .