Add LLVM -clang to projucer, as a toolset for Windows

Clang can be installed straight from the VS2022 installer.
It makes SIMD register code usable in Debug mode, which is great.
Unfortunately I can’t select it in the projucer so every time I export, I have to manually select it in each project which is a massive pain.

Please allow the Projucer to select LLVM -clang as a toolset if it’s installed.

Same as this: FR: support the clang toolset in projucer

:+1: thanks.

I just discovered I can add LLVM to projucer just by simply adding the toolset to exporter properties function. You may have to be careful with the upper case characters, but this seems to work.
btw there’s a function for each VS version…

void createExporterProperties (PropertyListBuilder& props) override
        static const char* toolsetNames[] = { "v140", "v140_xp", "v141", "v141_xp", "v142", "v143", "LLVM (clang-cl)"};
        const var toolsets[]              = { "v140", "v140_xp", "v141", "v141_xp", "v142", "v143", "ClangCL" };
        addToolsetProperty (props, toolsetNames, toolsets, numElementsInArray (toolsets));

        MSVCProjectExporterBase::createExporterProperties (props);