Building JUCE7 with Clang on Windows

I searched the forums and found there was some experimental support for Clang compilation put into JUCE 6? What is the state of LLVM/Clang support right now and is it possible to set up a projucer project to use the Clang compiler on Windows?


I suspect what you are referring to has been removed.

That’s too bad I notice that compilation behaviour between Clang and Apple Clang ofcourse is much more consistent then between MSVC and Apple Clang. I like to work with default Projucer workflows to have as low as possible maintenance when it comes to supporting new JUCE versions but I notice that especially with C++ 20 concepts and requirements MSVC and Apple Clang are drifting apart more and more. It would be nice to have a JUCE setup with a more consistent compilation behaviour between platforms.