Demo plugin build problems in Projucer

Using latest JUCE (3cab305), Projucer (4.0.1 according to its plist) on OS X 10.11.1 with Xcode 7.1 installed -

JUCE's demo plugin fails to build in the Projucer:

The VST, VST3, & AU wrappers, as well as several CoreAudioUtilityClasses files, all include CSCommon.h from the OS X 10.11 SDK's Security.framework and it seems to have a problem with "1<<31" being used or something of that sort..

Cheers, Yair

Someone else reported this too, but it seems to just be because the bleeding-edge version of Clang that we have to use has added new error detection, and is flagging up this (perfectly sensible) error.

Presumably when Apple catch up to their own Clang changes, they'll also update this header, but we'll have a look and see if we can do anything to stop it happening.

Try defining JUCE_PROJUCER_LIVE_BUILD=1 in your live build settings and let me know if that helps.



Now added it in the "Preprocessor Definitions" sections and am getting the same results.

Same issue here. Any update on this?

JUCE now has a work-around for this Projucer bug/issue. Just pull the latest version of JUCE and it should work