HELP: Newer in Audio Plugin

Hi, I'm newer in JUCE and I need to create a simple VST Audio Plugin.

Here I post a PDF file attached with a list of errors of ProJucer 4.0.2.

What I did to see this list of errors:

1- Open ProJucer -> New Project
2- Audio Plugin (MacOSX - XCode)
3- Config Tab: just BUILD VST and BUILD VST 3 enable
4- Mark: Plugin is a Synth, Plugin MIDI input, Plugin MIDI output
5- In Config Tab: XCode (Mac OSX): I set a full path of the VST 3 SDK Folder: /Applications/VST3_SDK/
6- In Release and Debug: I set OSX 10.10 in OSX Base SDK Version, Deployment Target
7- OSX Arquiteture: 64 bits Intel

Then I click: Menu Build -> Clean All

Then Projucer start to build...and I see this list of errors attached here.

I saw some warnings....That some AudioHardwareService is deprecated in OSX 10.11 (El Captain)...but I'm using 10.10 (Yosemite)...

And I saw one error: "enumerator value evaluates to -2147483648, which cannot be narrowed to type uint32_t (aka unsingned int)"

What can I do?

My system:

OSX 10.10.5 (Yosemite)
VST SDK 3.6.5
ProJUCER 4.0.2


Hmm, this should have been fixed a while ago, but a few users (including yourself) have been reporting it again recently.

The fact that you're using 10.10 is curious, I'll take a look at this soon. Thanks for the report!