HELP! Newer in Audio Plugin

Hi, I'm newer in JUCE and I need to create a simple VST Audio Plugin.

Here I post a PDF file attached with a list of errors of ProJucer 4.0.2.

What I did to see this list of errors:

1- Open ProJucer -> New Project
2- Audio Plugin (MacOSX - XCode)
3- Config Tab: just BUILD VST and BUILD VST 3 enable
4- Mark: Plugin is a Synth, Plugin MIDI input, Plugin MIDI output
5- In Config Tab: XCode (Mac OSX): I set a full path of the VST 3 SDK Folder: /Applications/VST3_SDK/
6- In Release and Debug: I set OSX 10.10 in OSX Base SDK Version, Deployment Target
7- OSX Arquiteture: 64 bits Intel

Then I click: Menu Build -> Clean All

Then Projucer start to build...and I see this list of errors attached here.

I saw some warnings....That some AudioHardwareService is deprecated in OSX 10.11 (El Captain)...but I'm using 10.10 (Yosemite)...

And I saw one error: "enumerator value evaluates to -2147483648, which cannot be narrowed to type uint32_t (aka unsingned int)"

What can I do?

My system:

OSX 10.10.5 (Yosemite)
VST SDK 3.6.5
ProJUCER 4.0.2


Please don't spam the forum with repeated posts, that won't make you popular!

We saw this, and it had been reported before anyway - Josh normally looks at projucer problems but he's ill today, and will have a look asap!

Indeed, I had ended up replying on the other thread before this one. Please refer to the other thread from now on.