Setting the XCode compiler for the generated project

Is there a way to set the compiler used for the the building? - I really miss clang’s clean output during development :slight_smile: (I can set it in xcode each time, but have found that a bit inflexible in the long run :slight_smile: )

It’d be a good option to add, though I’ve had some problems linking when I tried using LLVM, so have avoided using anything but Xcode’s default compiler so far.

+1 !
Here with Xcode 4/ OSX LION, most of my project compile ONLY when using LLVM.
Not having to change each time I use introjucer would be great.
Also, please consider adding 10.7 as SDK choice.

And finally, if you could add EXCLUDED_SOURCE_FILE_NAMES (for the Carbon.cpp when 64 bits) and both PPC/I386/x86_64 as an architecture choice, that’d iust be heaven … :slight_smile:


LLVM is the new Apple religion so it would be great to have this option available at some point. Manually changing the compiler and library every time I use the Jucer isn’t a showstopper but it’s certainly a nuisance.